Gregory J. Vishey, SSBB, BSME, MSA, CRI, NIT

Professional and Expert Services

Serving SE Michigan and Ohio

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●  Engineering, Program Management, Six Sigma, Product Invention, Development, & Process Consulting 

◦  16 Years Accomplishment in Automotive and Aircraft Seating Development, Test and Cost Reduction

◦  Automotive and Aircraft Interior Components, Materials and Assemblies,

◦  Residential and Commercial Buildings & Construction

  Product Development (metals, plastics, interior trim, elastomers, finishes, electronics, environmental survival)

◦  Patent Search and Patent Development

◦  Six Sigma Project Champion - Specializing in Product and Transactional (Financial) Process Optimization

◦  Process Development (extrusion, vac form, stamping, molding, welding, die casting, assembly, Poka-Yoke)

◦  Program Management (Timing Plans, Procedures, Program design, Staffing consultant, Acquisition review)

◦  Team Organizing, Contractor Work Scope, Budget tracking, Manpower Management, Contracts and Defect Resolution



Greg is an accomplished Mechanical Engineer with over 28 years of development and management experience across very diverse technologies.  These Include: semiconductors, automotive seats, robotic welding, high-G shock levels, chemistry, electronics, computer programming and residential and commercial structures.  Internationally published (Robert Bentley Publications). He holds four domestic patents plus two international patents.  He is frequently selected to investigate or solve complex problems while under short time constraints; often in the international arena. 



BSME, Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 1983

MSA, Central Michigan University, Mt. Clemens, MI 1988, Emphasis: General Administration.  Graduated with High Honors, GPA 3.8 /4.0   


Work Experience:


1984 GM-Detroit Diesel Allison, Indianapolis, IN,  

1984 General Dynamics Land Systems Division, Centerline, MI  

1991 General Dynamics Land Systems Division/GD Services Corporation, Sterling Hts., MI



1994  Ford Division, Lear Corporation, Allen Park, MI 

1996 - GM Division, Lear Corporation, Warren, MI

2004 - 2006 Certified Six Sigma Black Belt & Project Champion for Lear Corporation

2006  IAC-NA, Auburn hills, MI


12/96 UK Patent Office awarded Patent #GB2320426

1998 US Patent & Trademark Office awarded Patent #5,758,924 Corvette Seat Lumbar Support System

1999 US Patent & Trademark Office awarded Patent #5,988,757  Corvette Seat Frame SRIM Design

7/02 US Patent & Trademark Office awarded Patent #6,422,567  Convenience Storage System (Aztek) AKA EP1216164 B1 (Euro), DE60016265T2 (Germany), WO 01/21441A1 (World Intellectual Property).

6/06 Patent & Trademark Office awarded Patent #6,896,321 PET/Azdel Headliner Construction


Other Miscellaneous, “Automotive Special Assignments”

·   Ford seat heaters

·   Rover seating design & business review, Coventry, England

·   SEPI acquisition review, Turin, Italy

·   Geo/CAMI Trim cost analysis and opportunities

·   Corvette restraint incidents (seat interaction)

·   GM-Truck Adjuster instability, validation & cost reduction

·   J-Car manual adjuster test incidents

·   Leather wear studies and wear reduction (Author: Corvette Newsgroup “Leather Care FAQ”)

·   Corvette Seat Assembly relocation from Louisville, KY to Hamtramck, MI

·   Sweden (Saab) Seating Profitability Review, Trollhattan, Sweden

·   Multiple plant conversions and business relocations between the US, China and Mexico

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