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Real Customer Testimonials

Hello, Greg;

     First, allow me to compliment you on your obvious superior skills and meticulousness at what can only be described as an art-form. No mere trade or profession can satisfactorily reflect your hard work and attention to detail. Impressive work!

     I am reviewing your document now, making a few underlines and numbering in the margin for further study later. We will meet this evening for a discussion of how we'll present these facts to the seller.

     We'll trust (our Realtor) for the best tone of presentation of your findings. I'm sure the seller will be agreeable to at least a few of the necessary repairs prior to consummating the sale. Looking forward to reviewing your photos. Again, my thanks for an excellent job. You can be assured that I will recommend you enthusiastically to anyone requiring your services.  BC, (Fraser)

Hi Greg,

I'm really glad to hear from you.  I'm so glad you inspected my home, because not only did you point out various problems, you taught me how to become a better homeowner.  Everything is going well.  We are finally getting settled in and our whole family loves the house.  Moving was really a tough experience though!!   

 …How are you doing these days??  Have you been busy with your home inspection business??  I'll be glad to give you referrals when they arise.  You did a great job for me and I really appreciate it.  Let's definitely keep in touch!!   Thanks again,  BZ (Harrison Twp).

Dear Mr. Vishey
Thank you for getting back to us and helping our friend. We did purchase the home and we are very happy with our purchase, thanks to you. We did make a few changes to the house according to your recommendations and we are glad we purchased it. We may have another potential customer for you in Farmington (a colleague of ours  working at Wayne State) who is on the lookout for houses in GPW and Farmington. When they are ready we will gladly refer them to you. We appreciate your help.  Best regards,  Mr. & Mrs. BK. (Grosse Pointe Woods)

Mr. Vishey,

I wanted to thank you again for lending your expertise and time to our (2/02) home buying seminar.  Because of you, it was a great success!   I will be contacting you very soon regarding our second home buying seminar.  Thanks again!!  Sincerely, JD (Michigan First Credit Union, Detroit)


I want to also Thank You for being complete for my buyer Sara. Time did not matter to me the most important thing to me is the honesty & explanations. I  use a lot of inspectors, And I can tell by the way they explain the problems with every home their experience level, because no home is perfect. And when the buyers start getting negative results with no good explanation they get nervous and either walk or expect the owner to give them the world. You did explain the situation well which makes it sooo much better to keep everyone's "emotions" intact with nobody pushing the "panic buttons". I will place your business card in with the rest of inspectors I use. looking forward to working with you in the future. and if they do choose you, time does not matter to me, Just professional & complete service for the people I am representing.  Thanks Again, K.S. , Royal Oak (Century 21)


Thanks for such a timely report.  The information is great!  I am happy with your work and will definitely consider your company to inspect my next property.  Thanks again.   LS - Detroit

Hi Greg,
I hope all is well with you.  Just wanted to let you know that the house worked out--closing was last week--and now I'm painting and preparing to move in next week.  Thanks for teaching and showing me so much; you've given me some confidence.  I'll be sure to recommend you to friends.  Stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood.  Best wishes,  Sara, Detroit

Mr. Vishey,
I know I speak for (my fiancé) by saying that your analysis of the property and subsequent report reflect a high-level of professionalism. We have gained an essential level of insight on property systems as a direct result of your extensive knowledge.  Your detailed report has enabled us to make a well-informed decision about the prospective purchase of the property.  Thanks again for your assistance.  Best regards, WL, Southfield

Thank you again for all of your assistance with M. The roof has been corrected and the closing is set for next week. I will definitely pass referrals your way where I can. The layout of your report is fantastic and should be the benchmark for others.  Looking forward to working together again in the future.  Best Regards, -A (Realtor), Grosse Pointe

Mr. Vishey,

It was great to see someone do such a good job, I have witnessed a lot less thorough jobs.  As a buyer's agent I appreciate having a your name as a referral for future inspections...Thank You,  PK - (Realtor) Southfield

Mr. Vishey,

     Thank you sooooo much for the thorough inspection.  K-- Communities was impressed with your findings and got to work that same afternoon.  The walk-thru the next day went well.  My husband was happy, he could tell they were fixing everything, and the construction manager felt bad about the sloppy, poor job that was done.  He did say that only about 20% of the buyers in the complex have done inspections, which is shocking.  I appreciate all your hard work and your high standards.  I will refer you to any and everyone that will need an inspection...

     I appreciate the hard work and dedication, I can tell this is something that you enjoy.  If you have a section on your website for customer comments, let me know so that I can give you a great comment to put on the website.  Oh, and since you did such a great job with the inspection and basically busted K---for the cheapskates that they are...we got thye new carpet in the basement (for free). 

     ...Oh yeah...they didn't even use the normal walk-thru check sheet.  For our walk thru, they used your report...

     I can't say thank you enough, Oh and great report, thanks for the pictures.

You're the best !!!!!!!!!!!!  T.D. (Southfield) 1/20/05

Thanks for the note.  Things are going well (although more slowly than I'd like)...We really thought your inspection was thorough and felt very comfortable making our decision to purchase the home.  We've told many people about you and if they are looking for a home, we will recommend you.  Thank you so much for your availability as well.  We hope all is well with your family too.   CB - Sterling Hts


Jen and I would like to extend a great big thanks to you for all your help on the house inspection you gave us.  Your professionalism and character have left a lasting impression on us both (and our parents!).  We will definitely be in contact with you once we are sure of the next house we will consider (this time I will be a little wiser, thanks to you).

Sincerely,  B & Jen, (Sterling Hts)

"I can't tell you how much your tutelage and patience has meant to us. this has really been our dream home!"

AG - (Grosse Pointe)

Hi Greg:

Thanks again for the great inspection job last month. You were unbelievably thorough, and really helped Janet and me know exactly what we were getting into.  We did buy the house, and it was with your excellent inspection that we were able to discuss issues with the sellers effectively.  Have a great weekend.  -ES (Rochester)

T. Scott Galloway

T. Scott hired you as a Home Inspector in 2002 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“As a real estate attorney I regularly engage or recommend the services of Gregory and his company, Vishey Home Inspection Service. Over the past thirteen years I have helped thousands of people buy and sell homes. During that time I have worked with many home inspectors. Simply put, Gregory is the best. His inspections are exhaustive, his service is prompt and his reports are detailed and professionally prepared. When Vishey Home Inspection Service is on the job, I know that my clients will recieve a reliable and thorough home inspection.” December 13, 2006


We have received everything and are very pleased. Thank you for a remarkable job, I will recommend your services to all that I know! (CS Shelby Twp. 2/4/07)

Dear Greg,

You can rest assured that your inspection was by far the best I have ever had anything to do with, or have ever heard of!   Thank you so much for your attention to every detail and for your wonderful advice about what improvements can be made, and how to make them.  I am sure we will be talking with you as we do things with the house.  Whenever someone asks about house inspectors I will most assuredly recommend your services. Yours sincerely, JD, Grosse Pointe 2/8/07

Thanks, Greg, your a "good man", you actually do your job !!! in this day and age not to many people do that ?? I Do, You Do, Thanks again, your my man. any business I can get you, I will !! Thanks again,  JM - Grosse Pointe. 10/20/07

(Letter to Realtor, copy forwarded by customer)

Hello A.M. (Buyer's Realtor),

    We would first like to thank you for all you have done for us thus far and for always having our best interest not only in mind and heart but in action. The home inspector that you recommended has to be by far the best in the area if not the state. After reviewing the very detailed report, we have discussed all the recommendations and suggestions and would like
the seller to address the following concerns...

A.G., Grosse Pointe 12/07


     I just read your email to J. (new buyer) and am so appreciative for your knowledge, details, memory and exceptional organization to have readily accessed my file so quickly. I am ever grateful for having chosen you for our inspection (8/05). Thank you so much!
     Fortunately we were able to get in touch with you tonight. You, your work and your reputation have such high regard and it was apparent in our conversation and your immediate follow up.  I cannot thank you enough.
Sincerely, N.F. - St Clair Shores 1/17/08


 I just wanted to let you know that I received your hard copy Inspection Report and your phone call.  I really appreciate your hard-work and thoroughness.  I believe this will greatly benefit me in allowing me to make changes right away to make my home more structurally sound and prevent future damage/safety concerns.  I look forward to speaking with you again, if any questions come up when updating my new home.  Thanks again!

BM, Troy,  2/27/08


Received your report last night!! I am truly amazed! You came out to the house so quickly on our schedule, then then gave a detailed inspection far above just the foundation, then turned an accurate and meticulously crafted report in a matter of hours! incredible.  If more people used a home inspector with your dedication and acumen there would be a lot more satisfied home buyers, and sellers!  I'm sure we'll be in touch in the future. In the meantime can you forward some of your cards so we can spread the word.  If we had our way you will not get a vacation this year.  Thank you so much for your time and professionalism. I feel like I still owe you money!  J.H. - Grosse Pointe 3/23/08


 You did great work for us, and I knew you would do the same for our friends. We still use the binder you created for us.   Thank you,  Paul 3/21/08

Kevin Hirzel, Attorney

Kevin hired you as an Inspector in 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Greg is extremely detail oriented and provides a very thorough inspection. I have used Greg when purchasing my own home and his observations were spot on, and would recommend him to anybody purchasing or selling a home.” March 21, 2009


Thank you for all of your help. You've done a tremendous job with the inspection and documentation of everything. We will use your reference material for years.

PD - Grosse Pointe 3/28/08


Great job as always.  I'm always comfortable using your services and I know that I can trust you.

Rejeanne Buckley (Buyer's representative)4/4/2008


Thanks a lot, we appreciate how thorough you were with the inspection...We were both really impressed with your work and plan on recommending you to anyone in need of inspection services. 
Thanks again, JG - Grosse Pointe Woods 5/5/08

Thank you so much Greg! I am so impressed with your thoroughness and attention to detail.

MM (Roseville) 6/24/08


Thank you for your reply.  This is very reassuring.  As you may have guessed, this has been a stressful decision for us. 

CJ 5/22/09 (Detroit)

Greg: Thank you for supplying me with such a comprehensive report... I will use the recommendations from the report to renegotiate my offer.  Please advise your handy man that I will be contacting him in the near future.  Thanks again, JB (Detroit) 6/23/2009

Anne Marie DeRosier

Anne Marie hired you as a Home Inspector in 2000 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“As a Buyer's Agent, I am always able to offer Greg as the perfect inspector for home buyers--first timers and experienced buyers alike. His knowledge, thoroughness and ability to share his knowledge with the client in an easy to understand manner and easy to implement format along with his willingness to remain available to the client (for years after the inspection!) prove 'service after the sale' is a way of life in his business. Additionally those home and business owners alike who need an informed, thorough inspector to investigate issues in properties they currently own and recommend courses of actions and help with the contractor bidding process would be well represented with Greg on their side.” June 28, 2009

Thanks Greg! Even if the bank did not kick anything back, your inspection was worth every penny.
All your information has saved us time and $.
Thanks again!
JV, Livonia 7/28/09


Thank you so much for coming out yesterday! We greatly appreciate all of your advice and expertise! You are every bit as good as they say!  I assume the mailed copy of the report is this fabulous "binder" everyone keeps telling us about : )

Thanks again, and you have our referral in the future!  (S&J T) Birmingham 11/2/08

After a cursory glance Greg, I think you have done an excellent job!  We will be submitting an offer and using the valuable knowledge contained in your report, hopefully to our advantage.
Is this report for my knowledge only or may I share it with my agent?  I do understand as respect intellectual property.
Also, I have a friend that is just now beginning to look for a house in Northville, do you inspect in that area? Regards, Chris (Royal Oak) 2/23/2009

Dear Greg,
     Thanks for the Report and the Data Disk - This will be very helpful for years to come. 
     I forwarded the email report to my friend (CM).  We haven't talked yet but he may suggest some questions.
     I wanted to ask for more about the clearing of debris - is that primarily about the forest overgrowth?
     Your report has given me grounds to feel I really can manage this. I feel I have a good overview of how the repairs can be scheduled and even about how much they will cost - and who I can trust to do it.
     I look forward to our next communication. (SC) 10/4/2009 (Mt. Clemens)


Mr. Vishey,

Thank you for being available to do the inspection Chatham Street for my client (MV) on such short notice.  I appreciate the thorough and professional manner in which you performed the inspection. Thank you for taking the time to explain to Marty what needed to be done and for giving him an idea of the approximate cost...

...I noticed on your card that you are based in Grosse Pointe Woods. I did not get a chance to give you my card, we are based on Mack in GPW also, rest assured I will be referring you to clients.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Georgia Andary F.L. Andary Realty Co. Inc.


Greg, Listening to you last night made me very proud. I am extremely happy for you and your success because you deserve it and earned it.

 Why am I proud of you?   I have always known that I’m a good judge of people. Years ago I recognized in you, your ability and intellect, which is why I recommended you to co-host The Handyman Show. You have shown me, and obviously your clients, your knowledge and skill.

 Keep up the great work and enjoy the ride.

 Warmest regards,  Lon (Grossman)


Well I have decided to let the house go because of a lot of the many obstacles and complications.  I learned so much this week about purchasing a house and I learn a huge lesson about being a new agent in the real estate industry. I will be much better experience, educated and equipped when I find my next house.

Thank you so much for ALL of your help.

Also thank you for introducing me to (PW).  I will definitely use him  for future jobs.  At least something good came out of this whole ordeal;  I met some good people who I can have confidence in, for future investments.

Belinda S. 10/22/09 (Southfield)

Thanks Greg.  We'll review the report and see what we can get started on as far as getting this house in better shape.

Thanks for your assistance and suggestions,

Joe (10/26/2009)


     Thank you so very much for the detail of the report, the library and photos.  We're delighted, overwhelmed and completely appreciative of your time, patience and candor.  We look forward to grasping a deeper understanding with responsibly of taking care of a home, and again, want to express our gratitude in regard to this morning's inspection of xxx Beaupre Avenue.  We plan on weighing our options, and will be sure to include you in on the email we send per the key points of what the seller should mindfully execute.  The big decision, regarding the addition, will be reviewed per (PW)'s appraisal.

...If you think of anything else, or have any other sage advise, please feel free to email or call.

M&T (Grosse Pointe) 12/2009

Thank you, Greg for all your efforts!

GA (Sterling Hts) 1/22/2010


     I received your voicemail, but I had to leave for Montreal so I wasn't able to call you back.

I did pick up the report and I am very happy with the comprehensive nature in which you perform your inspections.  After having a poor inspection with my prior inspector, it's like night and day.  He just wanted to get out of there but you really spent time on the details and were more than happy to answer any questions we had.  I also appreciative of all the advice and suggestions of contractors you gave us.  I look forward to working with you on future property acquisitions and would freely recommend you to anyone in the market.

Thanks again, Kevin Q (Grosse Pointe) 2/1/0/2010

Greg: Thanks for writing up the report.  You are very thorough and I am glad that you were able to inspect my future home. Jason B. (Sterling Hts) 2/23/2010

Hi Greg!
     Thank you so much for coming out and for all of your input and suggestions. The report is very easy to read and I think will be a great aid to us as homeowners (should everything work out).
     When we submitted our request to extend the inspection period to allow us to get quotes for the repairs- we learned that the owner is actually a realtor/construction company. They proposed that we meet the agent and foreman at the house with YOU- so that they can understand our problems with the home and properly fix them. We'd like to see what your availability is to meet back out at Ray Road. So far, Wednesday evening seems to be the earliest that we can meet- but I understand your schedule is quite busy and we will be flexible to that end.
     Let me know if you have any questions and would be willing to do this and we'll get everything (hopefully) squared away.
Thanks again, Tricia R. (Clarkston 3/11/2010)


I just wanted to say thank you for walking me thru the house today and showing me what you do and why you do it.  You are worth every penny that you charge, and we will be using you for all of our houses in the future.  

Let me know if you ever need any help with your houses or anything else. 

Dean Frellick, Frellick Brothers



Thanks again, Greg. I appreciate you taking your own time to explain this all to me. ... I can't thank you enough for the trouble you've helped me avoid. 

Randy 5/12/2010

Hey greg its jay. Thanks again for such a thorough and satisfieng (sic) inspection. I will gladly recommend  you to anybody I know in the future.

JB,  5/12/2010


Thanks very much for the input. I actually stopped by the home to check on the sump pump after all this rain. There was no problem with the sump at all, but where the crack in the wall is there was a little bit of water pooling at the base. It wasn't a lot- but any amount is too much. This will definitely be the very first thing that we fix once we close.

 Again, we can't thank you enough for your thoroughness in both inspections and all of your input and knowledge. We feel much better moving into a house with all the information you have provided us. 

 We'll definitely be in touch! TR Clarkston 5/13/2010

Hi Greg,

I got your voice mail too. Thank you for the very detailed and professional report. You are a wealth of information for a homeowner. You are the fourth different home inspector I have dealt with over the years and you are by far the best. If I have any further questions I will be in touch.

RG, Troy 8/14/2010

...and the favorable reviews continue...

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